I am Daniel and this is my blog, Nine Circle USA. It is going to be all about sports, muscle building, and health.

My first mission with my blog is to become a better blogger. I am going to write products reviews, news, and a lot of how to guides, that can help you improve your health, muscle building, and perhaps even make you lose weight.

When I have improved my writing skills, my goal is to add some banner advertisement so I can make a little money on my efforts.

Why A Blog?

So why do I want to write a blog?

Let me first tell you! I am not a doctor, fitness professional, or a trainer. I just love fitness and health and have decided that I want to make my own investigations for than to write about it.

Writing is kind of a passion for me, and if I am able to combine it with my hobbies and interests, I will be a very happy person.

What You Should Know

Sometimes when I write blog posts you might bump into external links to either a product review or a product.

These products are not mine and I do not ship them or charge you for them. If you decide to buy a product by clicking on my links, it is the merchant of the product who will sell it too you.

It is the merchant who will ship it and charge you for it. If something goes wrong, you will have to contact the merchant in sorting things out and not me.


What you also should know is that I might get some sort of commission from that merchant you are buying that product at. That commission will be paid by the merchant and not you.

It means if I receive a commission it will not cost you more. It will not have any influence on any future buys.


I think this is pretty much it.

It is the beginning of my blog endeavors, so please bear over with me if you find any grammar mistakes of other things.

It is just the beginning for me.

Kind Regards,

Daniel Horton