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How To Increase Growth Hormone Levels Naturally for Better Health?

Increase your growth hormone levels is what you want to do when you want to get rid of body fat, build some lean muscles and strength, or want to postpone your natural aging process.

For sure, you can rush down to your local hormone replacement therapist and let him help you, but it isn’t cheap.

You can also do something more radical, like visiting your local drug dealer and buy some Human Growth Hormone (HGH) for yourself? But it will cost you at least $800 to USD 1000 per month for the real stuff!

Besides that, you will break the law doing so because it is illegal in most countries around the world.

So, the option you have left is to increase your growth hormone levels by yourself.

So how do you that? It is what we will look at in this article. You will get ten ways you can get started increasing your fundamental levels of growth hormone (GH) and get started to feel all the significant benefits.

What Is Human Growth Hormone?

Human growth hormone, or just HGH, is a hormone that is produced in the pituitary gland.

It is one of the most important hormones when dealing with your metabolism, cellular repairs and rejuvenation, and body composition overall.

The above benefits not only help you out in case of injuries. They are also some of the best anti-aging solutions we have today.

GH is also responsible for giving you significant boosts of muscle growth and strength when working out for those younger.

Finally, having healthy levels of HGH will also benefit your weight loss.

If your HGH levels are lower, you put yourself at a higher risk of age-related diseases, and you will weaken your immune system. Your quality of life will decrease, and you may gain weight.

How To Increase Growth Hormone Levels

The good thing about GH is that you can do a lot yourself to improve your GH levels.

Below you will find ten ways to increase your HGH levels.

Getting Rid of Belly Fat

Belly fat is an HGH killer, and it is highly recommended that you get started with a healthy diet and exercise routine to start burning that body fat.

Interestingly, the HGH levels in men are more sensitive to belly fat than the HGH levels in women. It has something to do with the ability to give birth to children.

But a man or woman? If you want to increase your HGH levels, a lot of your body fat got to go.

Get Started Lifting Weights

Man lifting weights

One wonderful way to get rid of belly fat and increase your HGH levels is to lift weights. Here you must move away from the baby weight department as fast as possible and get started lifting heavier weights.

When working out, make sure to do it with high intensity, like circuit training with fast switches from muscle group to muscle group, with less rest between sets.

When your muscles have to work harder, you will release more HGH than lift baby weights. Sorry girls, you have to go more substantial with the weights too.

High-Intensity Cardio Training

When lifting weights for 50 minutes to an hour, you can increase your growth hormone levels even further by doing some high-intensity cardio training.

You can do a HIIT routine (high-intensity interval training) where you give it all you got for a few minutes for them to follow up with a minute with a slow speed.

The great benefit of HIIT is that you can get the same results, burning body fat in a shorter period. No longer do you have to do daily marathons to lose body fat and to increase your HGH levels.

Intermittent Fasting a Great Way to Increase Growth Hormone

Intermittent fasting is a wonderful way to lose weight and increase your growth hormone levels.

There are numerous ways you can incorporate intermittent fasting into your lifestyle. A popular one is to avoid eating anything for around 14 or 16 hours every day.

Like if you have your final meal, the day before, at 8 pm. Then your next meal will be 14 hours later, at 10 am the following day.

Another approach to intermittent fasting is to eat nothing two days per week and eat healthily, the calories you need, the other days.

No matter what, both solutions with helping you with improving your HGH levels.

What About Using the Keto Diet to Increase Growth Hormone Then?

A lot of dieters that are using the intermittent fasting approach are also keto dieters. Here, it is important to stress that the keto diet itself doesn’t improve your HGH levels.

Avoid Big Meals Before Bedtime

Big meals may feel like better sleep because you feel full and satisfied. But they will not benefit from increased levels of growth hormone.

The best you can do is only to eat a little or nothing at all. Again, intermittent fasting is an approach you should consider.

Get Some BHB Salts

Exogenous ketone supplements that contain BHB salts have become very popular to use together with a keto diet. But the ketonic diet itself doesn’t increase your HGH levels. However, BHB salts may benefit growth hormone levels indirectly because they improve protein synthesis within your muscles when working out.

It means that you with benefits can use supplements like Keto Body Tone or similar.

Cut Down on Your Sugar Intake

Man addicted to sugar

Sugar raises your insulin levels which reduces your growth hormone levels. So, your best option is to consume as little sugar as possible.

Usually, according to PubMed, growth hormone levels in healthy people are 3 to 4 times higher compared to people with diabetes.

So cut down on your sugar intake, use sweeteners, and increase your growth hormone levels.

Get A Good Night’s Sleep

Getting a good night’s sleep is essential when you want to increase your GH levels.

When I say a good night’s sleep, I mean no distractions, no smartphones or tablets lightning up during the night. Subconscious knows that your phone is right next to you, which is enough to destroy your deep sleep pattern.

With a good night’s sleep, you should work on waking up by yourself in the mornings when your body feels rested and ready for the day.

Sleep In Total Darkness

I am the first to admit that sleeping in total darkness really gives you a better sleep. Where I live, some idiots decided to put up some security lights right outside my bedroom. The result is that everything outside lights up like a prison camp resulting in too much light in my bedroom.

Sleeping in total darkness is a better option because it releases melatonin, a hormone that shuts down your body to reach deeper layers of sleep. When you are in those layers, you will increase your GH levels.

Use A Supplement Like HGH X2 To Increase Growth Hormone Levels

Finally, you can also make it a lot easier for yourself with a supplement like HGH X2 from Crazybulk and Somatropinne HGH. They mimic the effects of real HGH but do it with all-natural ingredients.

It is not quite as useful, but you can still get some decent benefits from using it, especially when it comes to muscle building, fat loss, or anti-aging.

HGH X2 will also do all the excellent stuff like improving your protein synthesis, raise your metabolism, and alter your body composition. All in similar ways to the real thing, HGH.

Another great benefit of HGH X2 is that it will not cost you hundreds of dollars. You can get one bottle for as little as USD 59.99.

You can learn a lot more in this HGH 2x review about how it works and the many benefits you will get from using it.

If you want, you can also buy HGH X2 directly; all you got to do is to click on the link below. It will take you to the official Crazybulk store selling HGH X2.

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how to buy HGH X2

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