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Can PhenQ Weight Loss Supplement Make You Lose Weight?

Is PhenQ a good weight loss supplement if you want to lose weight? Can it really help you get rid of those stubborn pounds of body fat and get you slim?

It all depends on what your goals are and what exactly is making it difficult for you to lose weight!

Right here, in our PhenQ review, we will take a closer look at Phen Q and how it may be able to help you lose weight.

After reading this article, We hope that you will know precisely what PhenQ can do for you and whether it can help you lose weight or not.

Before we dig deeper into the weight loss world of Phen Q, let’s have a quick look at the benefits you will get.


First, let’s have a quick look at some of the key benefits you will get according to the manufacturer of PhenQ.

  • Improve your ability to burn and get rid of fat
  • Stop body fat from forming
  • Avoid carbs being turned into body fat
  • Suppress your appetite
  • Increase your levels of energy
  • Avoid bad mood when dieting

How PhenQ Will Can Make You Lose Weight

PhenQ comes with quite a few ingredients that will turn it into a multi-use supplement helping you with many aspects of your weight loss diet.

It means, since Phen Q targets your weight loss from different angles, there is a much higher chance for success.

Suppress Your Appetite

PhenQ is a weight loss supplement to consider if you have issues with portion control and daily cravings for food.

Thanks to ingredients like Nopal, Phen Q can help you to suppress your appetite in such a way that you will feel full and satisfied faster.

It is a great supplement to use when you want to avoid staying hungry all the same. Using PhenQ will also teach you portion control. It means you will not end up falling back into old patterns of over-eating when you have finished your diet.

Increase Your Body’s Fat Burn

Our ability to burn body fat is a crucial factor when you want to lose weight. Not only because it will lower your daily calorie intake, but also because you want to get rid of the stubborn body fat.

PhenQ helps you get rid of your body fat in two different ways. First, it will improve your body’s ability to burn fat coming from your diet and your body. Second, PhenQ will help you to stop forming body fat by raising your metabolism.

Furthermore, improving your body’s ability to burn and stop forming fat, are among the more significant benefits of using Phen Q. Here it really stands out compared to competitors thanks to ingredients such as Capsicum and the α-Lacys Reset®

Improve Your Mood

Being on a diet can be quite hard on your mood. It can make your emotional, mad or just sad. Changing your diet and making it healthier can be like saying goodbye to old friends that you never are going to see again.

Here, PhenQ is going to give you some properties that will help to enhance your mood so you will stay positive. The happier you are when dieting, the more likely it is your diet going to be a success.

Raise Your Energy Levels

PhenQ can raise your energy levels thanks to the levels of caffeine you are getting. So if you are having issues being tired all the time when dieting, PhenQ can help you raise your energy levels. It is also perfect for increasing the intensity of your workouts in the gym.

Just remember not to take Phen Q too late in the evening because you may have difficulties sleeping because of the caffeine.

PhenQ Review

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PhenQ Review – The Facts

So far we have looked at some of the key benefits of using PhenQ and the claims made regarding using it for your weight loss diet.

But the question is, of course, do these claims hold any water? Is PhenQ a weight loss supplement that can help you lose weight?

Does PhenQ Work?

If you just decide to use PhenQ without doing any changes to your diet or exercise regimen, it will do very little to your weight loss. You may feel more energetic and get a better metabolism, but extra calories burned daily will be very limited.

On the other hand, if you decide to go all in, and at least do something about your diet, Phen Q can become quite useful. If you take it a step further and get started on a fitness routine, you will get even better results.

Just said, the more you put into it yourself, the more PhenQ will help you out. And, the results will be better also compared to if you did your diet without Phen Q.

Suppressing Your Appetite With PhenQ

As an appetite suppressant, PhenQ is effective. It can help you to suppress your appetite to such a degree that you will feel full and satisfied faster. But to make it work, you must remember to take your PhenQ capsules with a big glass of water.

To be able to suppress your appetite, PhenQ uses two different ingredients, Chromium Picolinate and Nopal.

Chromium Picolinate controls your blood sugar levels and ensures that your body’s cell will not crave any sugars. It will put a limit to your sweet tooth, and help you to avoid those food cravings during the day.

Nopal. Derives from a fiber-rich cactus, and will help you feel full and satisfied faster when having your meals.

PhenQ – When It Comes To Improving Your Fat Burn

Also here, PhenQ is going to help you out and be quite useful because it will target your fat burn in different ways.

First, you will be able to raise your metabolism means you will be burning more calories and fat. Second, Phen Q is capable of creating a thermogenic effect in your body and so to speak, melt off body fat.

A thermogenic effect is when you raise your body’s core temperature just a little, but enough to burn more calories and fat. You can compare this process with when you are having a spicy meal and built up a sweat on your forehead.

To improve your fat burn, PhenQ gives you a couple of ingredients. Most important is the patented blend α-LACYS RESET® that both will help you with metabolism and your fat burn.

Next, you are getting Capsicum, and Piperine that will create the thermogenic effect and make you burn fat. As an extra, to make Capsicum more active, you are some Niacin as well.

Finally, to optimize your fat burn, you will also get some L-Carnitine which is often sold as a stand-alone weight loss supplement.

bottles of PhenQ

When It Comes To Stop Your Fat Production

PhenQ is also an OK supplement to use when you want to stop your body’s fat production, thanks to ingredients such as Calcium Carbonate and L-Carnitine. However, I would have liked to see some hydroxy citric acid on the list of ingredients here as well, to make it more effective.

But, it will do its job.

Putting You In A Good Mood

Phen Q claims it comes with ingredients that will help to improve your mood. Just losing weight alone, should be enough to put you in a good mood because you are getting closer to your fitness goals.

To my knowledge and looking on the list of ingredients, I cannot find any mood-enhancing ingredients like Saint Johns Wort of hydroxy citric acid. So I guess you must rely on that the patented α-LACYS RESET® will do that job for you.

Phen Q – When It Comes To Raising Your Levels Of Energy

Here I find PhenQ somewhat disappointing. It raises your levels of energy by using caffeine, not precisely what you should expect from a premium-priced weight loss supplement.

I really don’t understand why so many weight loss supplements are using caffeine as an ingredient. You are likely getting plenty of caffeine daily from either coffee or tea.

Getting that extra caffeine you will end up getting too much. On top that, it will give you sleepless nights if you take your supplement too late.

Let’s have a closer look at our overall verdict.

PhenQ Review
PhenQ bottle and logo

Product Name: PhenQ

Product Description: PhenQ a powerful weight loss supplement that can help you lose weight in different

Offer price: 69.95

Currency: USD

Availability: LimitedAvailability

  • Suppress Your Appetite
  • Boost Your Metabolism
  • Burn Fat
  • Block Fat
  • To Raise Your Energy Levels
  • Safety
  • Price

PhenQ Summary

Check our overall verdict and pros and cons below.


  • Proven and powerful ingredients
  • Multi-approach weight loss
  • Great savings when buying in bulk
  • Top-notch customer support
  • 100% money back guarantee
  • Worldwide delivery
  • Free shipping


  • You must buy in bulk to get great savings
  • No evaluation from the FDA

How to Buy

When you want to buy PhenQ, you will have to do it from their official website. You cannot get it in any brick and mortar stores like Walmart, or online at Amazon.

For you who are used to shop at Amazon, it might feel like a setback and a complicated process? But remember PhenQ has fulfillment centers in both the US, UK and in Germany.

Besides that, Phen Q promises you a fast delivery which also includes free shipping no matter where you are in the world.

What Countries Does PhenQ Ship?

PhenQ is available in almost all countries in work, except for Iraq and Afghanistan so if you will be able to order Phen Q no matter if you are living in the United States, The UK, European Countries, Mexico, or countries like Saudi Arabia and Egypt.

How To Pay For Your Delivery

The only way to pay for your purchase of PhenQ is either by credit/debit card or by using services like Skrill or Paysafecard.

It is not possible to pay for delivery in any country.

What About Import Taxes?

Buying PhenQ in the United States or the UK  will not add any additional taxes.

However, buying from your country there might be some import or customs taxes when buying PhenQ. Here it is best that you check with your local authorities before ordering PhenQ.

What Are The PhenQ Prices?

One bottle of PhenQ is currently going to cost you $69.95. Regular price is $79.95, so if you buy now, you will save ten bucks.

If you decide to buy two bottles, you will get an additional bottle free of charge and only pay $139.90.

If you now that your diet is going to last a few months, you can buy three bottles and get two extra free of charge. Here you will also receive a bottle of Advana cleanse so you can give your body an excellent detox to start your diet. Five bottles of PhenQ and the Advana Cleanse is only going to cost you $189.95.

Getting Started

If you want to buy PhenQ, all you have to do is to head over to their official site!

Here you can learn more about PhenQ and how to get started. On their site, you will also be able to get in touch with qualified customer service, in case you have any questions. To get started click on the link below.

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how to buy

Learn A Lot More

If you now have realized that PhenQ is not for you? Then how about trying Keto Body Tone and the Ketonic Diet?

It is currently one of the most successful diets and can move mountains speaking weight loss. With the ketonic diet, you are turning your fat and carbohydrate intake upside down. You will cut your carbs and increase your fat intake; It is an approach that will make your body burn more fat.

You can also learn more about the BHB salts in our article Why You Should Use BHB Salts Doing The Keto Weight Loss Diet!.

As we already have mentioned, earlier, you can combine Phen Q with the ketonic diet if you want.

If you are more into muscle building but don’t want to gain any body fat, then I highly recommend you to take a closer look at HGH X2 from Crazybulk. It will raise your growth hormone levels and give you additional benefits besides extra muscles and a fat loss.

Speaking of Human Growth Hormone, check out our recent article How To Increase Growth Hormone Levels Naturally For Better Health here you will get 10 tips to improve your levels of growth hormone for better health.

Finally, I am going to mention one last type of diet you can consider? The FenFast 375 diet! Here is a powerful combination of fat burning and metabolism-enhancing ingredients that also will suppress your appetite. It is a good supplement to consider if you are not quite sure where to start your diet.







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